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April Food Days: Good or Bad for Your Kid’s Teeth?

April Food Days: Good Or Bad For Your Kid’s Teeth?

April is a month bursting at the seams with festive food holidays. One for every day of the month, in fact!

We’ve selected some you should know about, and offer a verdict on whether they’re good or bad for your kids’ chompers. Have a look-see!

April 2nd – National Peanut Butter And Jelly Day

Protein in peanut butter is good for teeth and bones. The fiber, minerals, and antioxidants found in both peanut butter and jelly are also good for our whole body. 

High sugar values can negate the health benefits, though, so even though it’s easy to prepare, PB&J really shouldn’t be in the lunchbox every single day. 

Verdict: Eat in moderation

April 4th – National Cordon Bleu Day 

If you’re a parent of adventurous eaters, switch up the mac’n’cheese routine and offer Cordon Bleu this month! Both meat and cheese help to remineralize teeth, and cheese also supplies calcium to teeth. 

Verdict: Good for teeth! (But watch those calories)

April 6th – National Caramel Popcorn Day 

Kids love caramel popcorn. And while research suggests it doesn’t stick to teeth as much as one might think, all that sugar makes it a no-go. 

Verdict: Not good for the chompers

April 12th – National Licorice Day 

The jury is still out on this one, but it does seem as though natural licorice possesses antibacterial properties helpful in fighting tooth decay. 

Just stay away from those twisty licorice candies … they’re not of the same ilk. 

Verdict: Go for it!

April 14th – National Pecan Day 

Lots of vitamins and minerals make nuts a solid choice for healthy teeth. Have your kids try them as a stand-alone snack, or in a salad. 

Verdict: Good for teeth!

April 16th – National Mushroom Day 

Mushrooms are good providers of protein for bone health. Some, such as shiitake, help remineralize tooth enamel and keep acidity levels down in the mouth. 

Verdict: Good for teeth!

April 19th – National Garlic Day 

Garlic is a real food powerhouse. Breath issues aside, this antibacterial not only keeps a mouth and body in good shape, it adds complexity to just about any meal. 

If your kids aren’t fans of garlic, test it out on pizza and Chinese food to see if they can get used to the flavor. 

Verdict: Good for teeth!

The 22nd – National Jellybean Day 

We know it’s Easter season and your kids are going to enjoy their fair share of jellybeans. But are they good for our teeth? Not even slightly! 

Verdict: Not good for the chompers

The 30th – National Raisin Day

Somewhat surprisingly, raisins are actually good for teeth. They’re less sticky on teeth than you might think (just like caramel popcorn), and are believed to contain oleanolic acid – a great combatant against plaque. 

Verdict: Good for your teeth!