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Cast Post and Core In Addition To Crown - Dental Procedure Code Description

A “post and core” is a one-piece prosthetic that resembles the main body of the tooth's structure atop a metal post.

In cases where a tooth is severely damaged due to decay or fracture, and the secure placement of a crown is not immediately possible, this prosthetic enables future placement by recreating the core of the tooth. 
The process involves creating a cast metal “post and core” that will serve as the base and stabilizer for the future crown. 

This dental code represents a single aspect of what is typically a three-part process. It first involves a root canal procedure, then the creation and installation of the post and core, and concludes with the installation of a prosthetic crown.
Once your root canal has healed and is ready for more work, the next step would involve clearing out some of the filling used in the canals to make room for the post. 

In a post and core procedure, the post extends into this cleared area of the root, adding integrity to the whole length of the tooth.

Then, an impression would be made of both the inner and outer portions of the tooth, and the mold sent off to a dental laboratory.

In the meantime, a temporary crown may be placed on your tooth to protect while the post and core is prepared. 
When the post and core is complete, your next visit would be scheduled to cement the unit in place and perform any adjustments. Your crown would then be added to the core.

Due to the complexity of the procedures involved, and the need to involve an outside dental laboratory to construct the custom post and core, the entire effort may require two or more trips to your dental office.

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