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Finding it Difficult to Relax Lately? We’ve Got Tips!

Finding it Difficult to Relax Lately? We’ve Got Tips!

We’re here to offer up a few additional suggestions that’ll help you live a more relaxed life. So, read on … and, don’t fall asleep!

Chew gum!

That’s right, grab your favorite pack of gum and get to chewing.

Why does it work?

Researchers believe the physical act of chewing gum releases stress and tension, and that it seems chewing gum send signals to your brain to relax.

We recommend gum with xylitol in it ‘cause it’s good for your teeth as well!

Sit cross-legged on the floor  

Well, you don’t actually have to sit cross-legged, but meditation of any sort can definitely work wonders at reducing stress.

In fact, not only is crossing your legs not required, you don’t even have to sit down to experience the benefits of meditation. Walking meditation is one way to relax and get a move on at the same time – explore the outdoors and instead of thinking about your day and your worries, really take in your surroundings.

Look up, down and all around! Breathe in the fresh outdoor air … literally become one with your surroundings. Science has shown that being outdoors in nature is kinda’ magical!

Exercise your way to relaxation 

We know it’s not easy to get started, so start small – create a mini-habit. Research shows that starting infinitely smaller than you think is reasonable can be the key to starting and continuing with a new habit of any kind – particularly exercise.

So, no matter whether it’s a leisurely walk around the block, a quicker walk to the store, or practicing yoga, Pilates, or weightlifting (anything, really!), getting that body moving will help you reduce stress.