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Fun Games that Teach Kids about Their Teeth

Helping kids understand the importance of caring for their teeth can be a challenge. Heck, even adults find it difficult.

Perhaps it’s because as children we weren’t presented with any cool learning opportunities that cemented this lesson in our youthful noggins.

With that in mind, we’d like to introduce a few fun and easy to play games that may serve to inspire your children to respect the miracle of their teeth throughout their lives.
Online games and fun “in-house” experiments abound if you know where to look. Here are a few excellent starting points to begin your child’s tooth adventures. There is something for kids of all ages out there!

Scholastic Canada 

Educational publisher Scholastic is well-known to parents. They know how to create tools kids love. Their Magic School Bus Game is no exception, and takes kids on a winding maze adventure designed to teach them the right foods to protect their teeth and the right habits to ensure they stay healthy!


Toothpaste brand Colgate offers up a bevy of games and activities for kids that include puzzles, online pinball type games, and even a printable brush chart that allows kids to show off a bit.


Not to be left out, Crest has also dipped their toes into the learning pool. Their wonderfully creative Crest Eggsperiment demonstrates how certain drinks affect our teeth by using a hard-boiled egg as a stand-in for a tooth!

The ADA 

Of course, the American Dental Association has a lot of great tools as well, and their Mouth Healthy Kids website includes videos for kids to watch while brushing (featuring characters like Elmo, for example).

Games like Visit the Dentist with Marty walks kids through a trip to the dentist, while the online quiz game To Tell the Tooth keeps kids guessing as to questions related to their teeth.

In all, there are a lot of ways to teach kids how to care for their teeth, both online and off. So, have some fun and start those lessons as early as you can.

Oh, and before we leave you, let’s not forget what is possibly the best tooth game ever: disclosing tablets. Who else wouldn’t love purple and red teeth? Have fun!