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Fun and Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas For Young Kids

Intrepid Parent! Even though you managed to whip up the best Thanksgiving Day meal of your life in November, the oh-so-subtle flip of the calendar to December informs us that you’re in for even more work this month – and a lot of it is going to involve gift shopping.

Since ideas are sometimes hard to come by, we came up with a few ideas for you to test out this holiday season. Each gift has a health focus, and is something your young children will enjoy receiving. Ready to get pickin’? Here we go!

Salad Spinner 

A salad spinner? For a child? Sure!

Teaching children to eat well works well if you get them involved. And what kid (or adult for that matter), doesn’t like using a salad spinner to get the excess moisture off lettuce and kale?

The trick here is to make the spinner the child’s (i.e. they’re the owner of it). This way, you’re asking to use their spinner when it’s needed, and you’re involving your child in the event at every opportunity.

Try it out. You might be surprised how excited your kids get when it’s salad-time.

Want to take it a step further?

Buy your child an apron, and if they’re old enough, share some knife skills with them by getting them a kid-safe lettuce knife. Your lettuce will look better, and your children will be well on their way to cooking and eating well to boot!

Big Ol’ Box of Fruit 

What kid doesn’t love fruit? They might not like peeling any of it, but most children are pretty fond of these sweet, healthy snacks. So, why not surprise everyone with a box of fruit this holiday season?

It’s a great gift that’ll last for at least week or two, and one the whole family can enjoy. There are many places to buy fruit baskets and boxes these days … a far cry from the day when perhaps your mom bought a box or two from the local school children selling them for fundraising.

Shop around and find something festive!

Dental Gifts 

There are all sorts of gifts you can pick up for kids at the dentist. Disclosing tablets, flashing toothbrushes, and fun floss all make great gifts.

For kids well in control of their own dental hygiene, there are even water flossers for youngsters, and electronic toothbrushes to help keep their nighttime ritual fun and effective.

There you have it! Three simple gift ideas that’ll nicely round out any holiday shopping list … for just about anyone.