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Is All That Bottled Water Your Kids are Drinking Hurting Their Teeth?

Is All That Bottled Water You're Drinking Hurting Your Kid's Teeth?

Who isn’t a fan of bottled water? It’s convenient, affordable – good for you. However, if you get your water exclusively from a bottle, you could be missing out on fluoride that helps protect your teeth.

We’ll help you understand exactly how fluoride helps prevent cavities, and offer a few suggestions that will help you find a middle ground if you can’t imagine giving up your favorite brand of bottled heaven.

Why is fluoride good for your teeth?

It’s all about chemistry. It’s also a little complicated, so, here’s the quick answer.

There are already calcium and phosphate ions in your mouth that help re-mineralize teeth. When fluoride is present, the three combine to form flourapatite, which layers itself within our teeth more quickly than calcium and phosphate do. This all means even more protection against cavities!

That layer shields your teeth from the corrosive effects of acid. And, this is what you’re missing when you drink non-fluoridated water.

But, I like bottled water!

Sure, we all do. Just mix it up a bit. Everything in moderation, right? Drink from the tap, and drink from the bottle.

Or, if you can’t bring yourself to do that, you can at least ask your dentist if you are a good candidate for supplemental fluoride treatments.

Is there fluoridated bottled water?

Yes. Many brands offer fluoridated water – often in child-sized portions, though. Here are a 
few brands you can choose from if you would like to go that route.