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Moustaches, Football and Thanksgiving: A November to Remember!

Moustaches, Football and Thanksgiving: A November to Remember!

In the United States, November is a month of both celebration and change. Sundays are filled with football; plans for Thanksgiving preoccupy our minds; and for many of us, temperatures edge closer to freezing as the sun seems to have better places to be after 4 p.m.

There’s also the sudden rise in the appearance of moustaches across the land as “Movember” launches, and men align in solidarity to support men’s health issues – the “Mo” being short for moustache, and all.

In the spirit of these two themes (celebration and change), we thought we’d offer-up a few dead-simple, good-for-you food switcheroos to help celebrate! 

Game Day Snacks

Enjoying a lazy Sunday in front of the television, or better yet at the game itself, is hard to beat. And, we’re here to help you pick better snacks for game-day. Hut one, ‘hut two, ‘hut … ‘hut … ‘hut!

  • Fresh Fruit: Half the struggle in getting the world to eat more fruit is in overcoming the labor of all that darn cutting and peeling. But with all that Vitamin C and water content, it’s so good for your gums! So, do yourself a favor and pick up a fruit platter at the grocery store before the game, and watch that stuff disappear – you won’t believe how quickly it’ll go when it’s all cut up into bite-sized pieces. After all, the last place you want to be stuck during pre-game is in the kitchen, right?
  • Dips: Game day might as well be called “chips and dip day”, or more appropriately, “crunchy-fat and creamy-fat day”. Opt for better choices even the staunchest fan of creamy ranch can enjoy. Hummus, tzatziki, baba ganoush, guacamole, salsa and nut butters are all wonderful substitutes. There are also a host of healthier chip options out there too that’ll keep many a chip fan happy. Bean chips, taro chips, you name it – it’s all available. Even seaweed, which is so good for teeth and bones might win a few folks over. You can also scoop up those tooth re-mineralizing dips with fresh carrots and celery throughout the game, and you’ll be providing your teeth with self-cleaning fiber that’ll keep them healthy for many years to come as well!


Just as Thanksgiving caps off the end of the month rather nicely, it also plays nicely into the close of this article!


Well, because everything we’ve said above you’re also going to have to deal with on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving has it all. It’s also got screaming kids, a wide array of desserts (don’t eat too much!), and lots of great family time. So cozy up to someone you love this November, and give appreciation for everything and everyone we have in our lives.