Dental Health Topics

Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction may be recommended by your dentist for several reasons in order to maintain the overall health of your mouth.

Some of these reasons may be:
  • A crowded mouth – Teeth may need to be extracted in order to prepare the mouth for braces or to make room for teeth that are trying to break through the gums.
  • Infection – A tooth may need to be extracted if tooth decay has reached to the pulp, which is the center of the tooth that contains the nerves and blood vessels. Extraction will help prevent the further spread of tooth decay.
  • Risk of infection – Finally, a tooth may need to be extracted if you have a low immune system from chemotherapy or an organ transplant. The risk of infection may be worth extracting the tooth in order to prevent it from spreading.
Your dentist will numb the area where your tooth is in order to lessen the discomfort from the extraction. You will need to rinse your mouth gently for several days after the extraction and apply ice to areas that are affected by swelling.