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When Will Baby's Teeth Arrive? A Guide

Before your little one can talk, it’s a guessing game to figure out what may be causing them pain or discomfort. 

But if they’re drooling, nibbling on hands or toys, or seem extra irritable for no reason, chances are they’re teething. Just peek in that adorable little mouth and you might be able to see some teeth sticking through those gums! 

Fortunately for your baby, teeth don’t all erupt at once. Ouch! Instead, they typically follow a predictable pattern of eruption. 

So when can you expect them? Read below!

Baby’s teeth, in order of appearance

1. Two bottom teeth (central incisors) – erupt between 6-10 months
2. Two top teeth (central incisors) – erupt between 8-12 months
3. Top two lateral incisors (right next to two front teeth) – erupt between 9-13 months
4. Bottom two lateral incisors (right next to bottom two teeth) – erupt between 10-16 months
5. First molars (on top) – erupt between 13-19 months
6. First molars (on bottom) – erupt between 14-18 months
7. Top canines (cuspids) – erupt between 16-22 months
8. Bottom canines (cuspids) – erupt between 17-23 months
9. Second molars (on bottom) – erupt between 23-31 months
10. Second molars (on top) – erupt between 25-33 months

*For a visual, click here

Remember, this is just a guide. Your baby may be teething on an earlier or later schedule, and that’s okay! 

In fact, your babe might be teething months in advance of the appearance of a tooth. Just keep those drool bibs handy, with plenty of safe toys to chew on, and maybe a couple other tricks up your sleeve (ask your pediatrician what they recommend), and you and your little one will get through this season just fine.